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November 5th 2020

do you think that after social media has been around for x amount of time, the people who were there for it at the beginning (myspace) will get sick of it? phrase that another way: do you suppose people will stop caring about what the people outside of their immediate-circle are doing? that is what social media did. it made us think/care about what other people are doing/how they are living. people you sometimes knew well or people you didnt really know at all. suddenly in the early 2000s everyone on planet earth became heavily invested in other people's business. i think i’m getting really sick of seeing what people that aren’t relevant in my life anymore are doing. this happens all the time when i log into Facebook and is starting to happen when i use instagram. it would be funny if one of the most significant inventions of our time, whose goal was to connect people, started to have the exact opposite effect. not that we would become cold or turn away from one another, but we would simply invest all of our caring into what was real, and nothing else. i guess then it would still fulfil its purpose (to bring people together) just without the internet being the facilitator. it would be like when the pendulum swings the other direction. i want that to happen. i'm tired from casting my net too wide.


November 3rd 2020

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