this is from the best day of my life

june 28th 2019, i need nothing more





when lucky came

sara the cat


i saw a ghost in this cemetary. in paris. it looked like pink spray-paint. thats what i thought it was until i saw it move. i just noticed this weird photo from that visit. i wonder what i was doing, what i was pointing at. that is me right? yes it is.


some tube-kittens in a loft in a barn in CT.

when i proposed to my sister...she said yes!

start-florida july 2018

i think we were really great

chris and em

im gonna miss this i already do

finish-florida july 2018

frog bosses


hot hubby yoma










britt baby



emiko breckyn

indian buffet...

the end of the everglades


Robert is Here farm




the basketball mask



my sis when we were blonde




jota where are you






oinky playing the chair