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if you like what you see here, send me an email :) *~for sale*~ for hire ~*

not a photographer






oh boy, how long it has been since i have shared something on this site. in that time, i have gotten a studio and put screen-printing aside, for now. if anyone out there is reading this i am looking for paid graphic design/retouching/digital work since i no longer get a thrill from being a waitress.

i am working on some painting and putting together a book of all the drawings i have done on receipt paper over the 2 years i have waitressed

here are some of the little things i have drawn over the months. since Miami (in May) i went to LA, Maine, Cincinnati, Chicago and Indiana. now i am back home :)

its true.



i am your father



this is from when i built a screen printing unit in my basement, summer of 2012. it was a tedious process (as usual with shitty equipment) but fun and i learned a lot. that there is a bengal tiger !


some drawings of Usagi from when i was probably 9 or 8....


temple tattoo of a poppy. shul is boring.



i love a good dodeka face bank. want to do a series.


a shirt i made for a friend



an illustration of The Rose Bar for a private commission


from 2011...a homework assignment



my book for sale at a store in the east village...


something i love from 2014


this is a present i made for a new baby ^_^



went to 'a reading' actually a room of writers reading their was interesting



extreme beauty



peter pan part 1


peter pan pt II


its true



PSA for my friend to post on her instagram account


my home run. illustration based off of a meme taken from reddit


inspired by Badlands


my friend sophie



this is a new painting i am working on, first time painting in 2 years. oil, 12x12


its going...okay....not done yet


okay, thats all for now  

here is an interview for Stir Magazine...

<<<<<<<<here>>>>>>is the link to an interview I did for CLYDE, a hat company, this past winter. I collaborated with CLYDE on an illustration for an ad in Riot Of Perfume Magazine.

documenting being aimless, as usual * $~ *~$


kerry strug



this goat ate my drawing


view from the perez are museum  in miami



at the met #1

 #2. bless those chairs

 Stephen King's Day Off, or Writer's Block.

houston steps 6/17


elizabeth street


from 2015 ^

click the photo above to be linked to an article I did illustrations for this past winter. A new publication which will soon be making the print rounds called End Pain



this is Javier, or Xavier i'm not sure. he cooks in the kitchen where I work. he liked this silly little thing so much he asked me to send it to him so he could make it his facebook profile photo. silly maestro


this is Derek, my first last and only art-handler


i drew this for all the fucking idiots distressed about losing their umbrellas. please, stop calling.

here are 3 paintings I did in 2014. i brought them to an open critique i was asked to particiapte in. i was nervous because i have not spoken about my aimless work since school, when it was less aimless. i was able to expand on things i normally just keep locked in my head, such the difference between being an artist and illustrator.

critique was hosted by my friend elizabeth who i am really proud of for being proactive in the art community

this is her website


my beautiful friend aerial released a record last week and did a concert to celebrate. i cried. you can listen to it here. i made the program.



from 2006-2016

      im am in 3 types of group shows this weekend. im not sure anyone knows what theyre doing buttfuckit

SOUP FOR MY HATERS, Glass on Glass, 2016


i miss painting.

i am working...from a secret location...


thanks dad

i have spent about 30+ hours working on screen printing. i have nothing to show for it yet. it is a challange and there is no instant gratification. its an old process. i want to give up. it would be much easier to just bulk order t shirts with my drawings on them but i want to do it myself. as soon as i get the steps down i am excited to explore the many options of printing my drawings onto different surfaces.




costco #1 costco #2 costco#3

^from a ... group show!!!!!!


dont do drugs!!!!




TSA agent dumped my pencil bag out to investigate it. I could not tell her that it actually was full of weapons


^in collaboration with Darren Bader





^a website where you can share everything you are not doing

i had the best time in south korea.